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Vinho Verde, what is it?

Vinho Verde (which is translated as “green wine”) is a crisp and slightly spritzy wine from the North of Portugal. Despite the translation, Vinho Verde is never green: it’s usually a white wine, although it’s possible to get red Vinho Verde and rosé vinho verde as well.  Vinho Verde wines are typically very low in alcohol (11% ABV on average) which makes it popular for lunchtime and summer drinking.

There are many brands and options available in Portugal, but once you return back home you will be surprised to find that Vinho Verde can be widely found at Costco, HEBs and other stores etc around the USA and Canada.

If available the top choices are:

1). Wines of the “Alvarinho” grape variety from Moncao and Melgaco are fantastic.  These are harder to find.  Cost is about $15 to $20 a bottle.

2). In my opinion, the best green wine 💯 that is widely available is Muralhas (Muralhas de Moncao).  Cost is about $8-$10 a bottle.

3). Next level are the green wines from Casual Garcia and Aveleda.   Very good solid wines and by far the most popular brands and most widely available.  These cost around $8 a bottle

4) After these 3 categories you have many many brands available including Gazela,  Fuzelo, etc.  These will be the cheaper variety and about $5-$7 a bottle

Article credit to Pedro Da Cruz.

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