How would you like to experience one of the most spectacular rides in Portugal? amazing scenery, stunning views and petite little villages to pass through along the way.

We will be stopping in cities with Amazing culture that will allow you to sample some of their charm once you have climbed off your bike. Sample local beers, beautiful wines and delicious cakes and savories.

When cycling the N2 the climbs can be hard and the descents can be fast. But you do it all at your own pace with a guide ratio of 1:4. That’s right, for every 4 riders we will have 1 guide.

On top of this we also provide a support vehicle every day. This will be stopping at set check points to make sure everybody is OK as well as popping to local markets to get those all important bananas to fuel your body.

The N2 bike tour will mean in total you will cover approximately 750km and climb over 9,000m. On the plus side, for every up there has to be a down right!

Doing this N2cycling tour really will be the challenge of a lifetime.

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Why Choose n2 cycling tours

we care and we want fun

Are there other tours out there? Of course there is. But the majority do this trip over either 4 or 5 days. This of course enables costs to be reduced. But at what cost to you the rider? Arriving later in the afternoon at your finish point, too tired to explore the area on foot and not really wanting to do much else after such a long day in the saddle.
We aim to provide a more leisurely pace so that you can make the most of the stunning views and take time to get to know your fellow cyclists a bit better. Either on the road or in the bar later that night over a well deserved wine or beer. Thus allowing you to forge friendships that last a lifetime over due to this precious bond you made via the N2.

What you need to come on one of our tours?

A sense of humour

We like to have fun, nothing wild, just good old fashioned fun...

Sun cream

lots and lots of suncream. Nobody wants to look like a beetroot...

Nothing else??

Just leave it to us, we take good care of you from start to finish...

Come and join the fun

dubbed the portuguese route 66

How would you like to experience one of the most spectacular rides in Portugal? Amazing scenery, stunning views and petite little villages to pass through along the way.


why the n2?

For the average cyclist the N2 cycling tour is likely to be one of the most difficult challenges you will ever face. But you can relax in the knowledge that you will be doing it with guides who have done it multiple times. They will help you pace the ride to get maximum enjoyment from the tour. 


what's involved?

Lots of kilometers. Approximately 738 of them.

Is there more?
Hell yeah. approximately 9,000 meters of climbing. Which provides amazing scenery as you can see here.


is this for serious riders only?

As you can see from the photo on your left, riders and guides can have as much fun as they like. We don’t take ourselves too seriously.


What our Clients Say?

Portugal N2, Chaves to Faro , 738km long with 9000 meters of ascent over 7 glorious days of cycling.

Cannot thank Peter, Donna and Eric enough for their detailed planning of routes, break stops, support, accommodation and organization throughout this truly wonderful experience.
The N2 route took us right down the spine of Portugal, through villages and towns tourists won't consider ( their loss). From what seemed like never ending ascents, to rolling roads that stretched out as far as the eye could see.

You like cycling you'll love the N2.
Best bit, managing to finish each day.
Worse bit, finishing the tour, I could do it all over again. Strangely enough I've booked again for April 2023!
David Thorneycroft
UK Based
For those who know me, I always have a smile on my face. These guys kept me like that for 7 whole days. Singing along with me on the road and drinking with us in the evenings. A special thanks to Donna who did the daily shop run and always managed to find my gummy bears.
Sue D.
World Ironman Championship 2022 Utah competitor.
I'm not the quickest, but I always get there in the end. Pete was great at sticking by my side on the climbs for a bit of company. He did all the talking (you'll see he likes to talk lol), I was too busy trying to breathe. Would love to do this trip again. I thought at the time it was a once in a lifetime type of thing. But already got my eyes on 2024.
Paul T.
Retired, UK